Portrait of CEO & Creative Director Micah Woods

Hello. Hi. Howdy.

As I’m sure you know by now, my name is Micah.  I was born and raised in southern California and currently live in Los Angeles. My love for design, branding and coding grew from the need to be able to create a visual identity for my projects as a musician.  I quickly realized how much I enjoyed the design aspect of those projects and wanted to be able to help others make their ideas a reality.

Like many other millennials, I took my education into my own hands and became highly proficient in Adobe Suite – designing social media content, merchandise, logos and typography for my own projects as well as my friends.  I then started taking web design and coding classes online (shout out to the targeted instagram ads that led me to discover SuperHi, Webflow & Shopify) and was quickly creating my first websites.

I work fast, efficiently and am extremely patient: which I’ve found is the perfect combination for working with clients.  My adaptability and willingness to learn means that I will work hard to turn any of your ideas (big or small) into a reality.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have about me or my process.  You can even just say hi hello or tell me your favorite season of Drag Race. I'd love to connect no matter the reason.

I know a thing or two about:

Web Design (01)

User centered website design. Using workflow vizualisation to produce quick and effective results.

Branding (02)

Modern design mixed with the love of minimalist yet colorful graphic design.

Development (03)

I will hold your hand through the entire process of turning your ideas or wireframes into a fully realized website.