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Mikey Ferrari

Mikey Ferrari

Web Design Development
Mikey Ferrari
For the release of his debut EP, Mikey's team asked me to build a website that would showcase his debut EP "Spaceboy".

Mikey Ferrari is a Los Angeles based alt-pop singer-songwriter who discovered music out of self-exploration. I therefore proposed a website that would reflect that: giving the user a sense of discovery with each element.

A dynamic website

I wanted this site to be straight to the point with animations and motions to help the user dive into Mikey Ferrari's universe

Media focused

Nothing is more important for artists than video and photography. I wanted to showcase them as best I could by making them the forefront of each section.

Mobile first approach

Sites are typically viewed first on a mobile device. I built this site so that it looks just as exciting on a phone as it does on a desktop computer.

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